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If you were my son, I would have loved you beyond the stars

If you were my son, I would have done everything in my power to do my best to take care of you

If you were my son, I’d have made sure you knew what bright light you were in my life.

If you were my son, you’d know that you were perfect just as you are.

If you were my son, no matter how tough things got, I’d have never given up on you.

If you were my son, we’d have learned to communicate with each other, if not with words, we’d have found other ways.

If you were my son, Once able to communicate, I would have done my best to understand you.

If you were my son, I’d have made sure every need was fulfilled the best I could.

If you were my son, you’d never feel like a burden.

If you were my son, No one would ever be able to tell me that you were somehow less than or needed curing.

If you were my son, everyday would have been filled with smiles and laughter.

If you were my son, you would have reached your full potential, whatever that would be.

If you were my son, I’d have wanted you to become the best man I could help you to be.

If you were my son, I’d have watched you grow into a great man.

If you were my son, I’d have been proud as can be.



Click picture to link to the Facebook page for Alex’s vigil


This last weekend was the most joyful weekend I’ve had in my life. Family and friends came together to watch me and my best friend get married. My love drunk joy was quickly squashed by the horrifically sad and sickening news that a fourteen year old autistic boy was stabbed to death by his own mother.  

Right now, I can’t keep my food down — this makes me so sick. And what’s more horrifying, is how Alex was treated before his mother so viciously murdered him. To imagine what it must have been like to stare into the eyes of the person who is supposed to love and protect him only to die at the hands of her? I can’t understand why or how anyone could do this. It’s just beyond my comprehension.

Then I find out she was part of thisAge of Autism organization. She was a ‘cure-bee’, bought into their ideas of what they think autism is, with their messages of misery and suffering — instead of the gift that Autism can be; how people like me, my son, and my friends need to be ‘cured’ of it.

Alex did not suffer from autism. He suffered from the ignorance of others around him. He suffered from people who wanted to ‘control’ him. He suffered from people who refused to even attempt to understand and accept him. He was abused and tortured and neglected. Then in the end, the person who was supposed to protect him, took his life and in a very horrific way.

I can’t even tell you how infuriated I am. There’s NO excuse. NONE. Do not feel sorry for his mom! She is slime and deserves to be locked up for LIFE!!

I might add more to this post later, but in light of the fact that while I was starting a new life with my husband, a 14 yr. old boy was being viciously murdered by his mother. I have no words to describe my feelings at this moment. I can really only say that this culture of misery concerning autism must end!

T said to me, “I don’t understand how people can see autistic people as bad or see autism like it’s so awful. ”

I say, “I know, T, I don’t understand it either”


My lil’ wise man, T, and our cat, Nivek.

Then T says, “Autistic people are decent and loving.”

Take this Google Search engine!!

Autistic people are kind.

Autistic people are wonderful

Autistic people are intelligent

Autistic people are worthy of love

Autistic people are AWESOME!

Autistic people are talented

Autistic people are good parents

Autistic people are sensitive.

Autistic people are empathetic

Autistic people  are here and should be listened to!

Autistic people are my friends and I love them! ❤

This is to all the curebies out there. I don’t think you really think about what it really would mean to see a cure happen for autism. I don’t think you even think about the consequences of what mad science that would entail. 

If there were a cure for autism, it would involve highly invasive brain surgery, being that it’s a neurological condition that is genetically wired into the brain. There would be no medicine that could truly cure it.  It would literally be a lobotomy performed on the human soul. It would make the person(s) cease to exist, in my opinion.

I can just imagine the insanely mad science to the most horrible degree. You would completely destroy the individual. And really you hate your child for having autism if this is your main goal. Sorry, I’m being harsh here, but any parent who seeks for a “cure” for autism is delusional for one. That’s my opinion. I really feel if you can’t accept your child and try to understand who they are as a human being with autism. if you are not ‘listening’ to them; and yes, if you learned to pay attention, you can even listen to a nonverbal child. Really, if it’s a cure you seek, that’s bad parenting and you are in complete denial.

There will NEVER be a cure. And you know what, I don’t want one.

We NEED more Einsteins in this world!


It's Important to not only advocate for them but to Let them Advocate for themselves

Lil’ T speaking up for himself and other autistics at the state capital on Autism Awareness day.

ImageIt’s been quite the journey the last few years since his diagnosis. He’s had some therapy. Like Social Skills to learn how to cope with everyday challenges. But as far as stimming, I let him have at it!

Why would you do that? Why not make him more “normal” acting. Well, for me his stimming is good, it helps him to deal with his anxieties. And honestly, if it annoys you, that’s just too bad. I like to see my son happy. And if he stands out as different, that’s ok. Because being like everyone else is just boring!!!

So, next time you see someone rocking, flapping, pacing, or anything that looks odd to you, if you don’t like it, then just don’t look!