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I haven’t written in sometime. Basically, because I’ve been so busy and so much is going on in my life at the moment that I just haven’t taken the time. Last month, some great things happened. My state became the 12th state to legalize gay marriage. Love and common sense finally won. Also, my own fiance decided around our two year anniversary that instead of buying himself a new drum kit, that we’d finally make it legal! Yes, I’m getting married! I couldn’t be more excited or more nervous. What is it about a wedding and marriage that would make one get so nervous? I know he’s the right one for me, so that’s not the issue. Maybe it’s because it is such a big step in commitment. I think that’s more what it is. 

For me though, Love is nothing i’ve ever taken lightly. And I’ve been hoping for over 40 yrs to find the person who would understand me and accept me just as I am. I can’t even explain how great it feels to have that person in my life. He truly is amazing. He knows just what to do, without me having to say anything. Yes, I do think it’s possible for men to do that. If they just take the time and truly care for their partner. Me and him, we are a team. I have no doubt about it. And he’s been a great stepfather to my oldest son, and of course, an amazing father to our baby boy who just turned a year old in May. Watching him with our boys gives me a warm feeling inside. I just love him so much. After the wedding, I’ll be posting my vows I wrote (maybe his too if he’ll write them down for me).

Also, since realizing my own place on the spectrum, I’ve gotten to know some awesome people in the autism rights community. I can’t tell you enough how much it’s meant to get to know some of these people and how wonderful they are whether autistic, or NT (neurotypical, which is basically a non-autistic person). I also feel like my whole world has opened up and finally is starting to make sense. I’m still looking into an official diagnosis. I’m sure that will happen at some point. But, until that happens, I’m fine with who I am even without that. Having the love of someone who accepts all my weird quirks and insane anxieties and crazy thoughts, etc; it really does make a difference. This is also why I fight for acceptance in society too. Acceptance of our differences is so important. It’s what makes the world less boring too. I mean really, if everyone was the same, how freakin’ boring would that be?! Anyway, I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my life as a married woman. No need to wish me luck, I don’t need it!


Me and My fiance, Billy, at Goth Prom.