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I don’t have time to make this nice and tidy. i don’t have time to be polite and THINK of social skills. I am mad..pissed, and fucking hurt. yes hurt! Alright people who may not know, but Cracked decided to say I FAKE A DISEASE here.

First..assholes, I don’t FAKE a disease. Btw, assholes. It’s NOT a’s how my fucking brain my son’s brain we are!! My son is diagnosed, i’m not. but I see myself in him. Sorry, CRACKED, if my life makes sense now.

In your article you mention, others who are bipolar, etc. you really think we WANT to be cool..sorry, but lately if you didn’t see, being autistic or disabled can get you killed and quite literally. you fucking think that is a fucking joke? yes, people like me, like my son, killed for who they are. and your joke also hurts those who are as you would say, more effected by “the disease”.

Newsflash! autism is not a disease!! it’s not a tragedy and we don’t suffer from autism..we suffer from YOUR ignorance. Fuck you, Cracked..this is war..I can’t even be composed right now..maybe later I will be.


T said to me, “I don’t understand how people can see autistic people as bad or see autism like it’s so awful. ”

I say, “I know, T, I don’t understand it either”


My lil’ wise man, T, and our cat, Nivek.

Then T says, “Autistic people are decent and loving.”

This is to all the curebies out there. I don’t think you really think about what it really would mean to see a cure happen for autism. I don’t think you even think about the consequences of what mad science that would entail. 

If there were a cure for autism, it would involve highly invasive brain surgery, being that it’s a neurological condition that is genetically wired into the brain. There would be no medicine that could truly cure it.  It would literally be a lobotomy performed on the human soul. It would make the person(s) cease to exist, in my opinion.

I can just imagine the insanely mad science to the most horrible degree. You would completely destroy the individual. And really you hate your child for having autism if this is your main goal. Sorry, I’m being harsh here, but any parent who seeks for a “cure” for autism is delusional for one. That’s my opinion. I really feel if you can’t accept your child and try to understand who they are as a human being with autism. if you are not ‘listening’ to them; and yes, if you learned to pay attention, you can even listen to a nonverbal child. Really, if it’s a cure you seek, that’s bad parenting and you are in complete denial.

There will NEVER be a cure. And you know what, I don’t want one.

We NEED more Einsteins in this world!