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I don’t have time to make this nice and tidy. i don’t have time to be polite and THINK of social skills. I am mad..pissed, and fucking hurt. yes hurt! Alright people who may not know, but Cracked decided to say I FAKE A DISEASE here.

First..assholes, I don’t FAKE a disease. Btw, assholes. It’s NOT a’s how my fucking brain my son’s brain we are!! My son is diagnosed, i’m not. but I see myself in him. Sorry, CRACKED, if my life makes sense now.

In your article you mention, others who are bipolar, etc. you really think we WANT to be cool..sorry, but lately if you didn’t see, being autistic or disabled can get you killed and quite literally. you fucking think that is a fucking joke? yes, people like me, like my son, killed for who they are. and your joke also hurts those who are as you would say, more effected by “the disease”.

Newsflash! autism is not a disease!! it’s not a tragedy and we don’t suffer from autism..we suffer from YOUR ignorance. Fuck you, Cracked..this is war..I can’t even be composed right now..maybe later I will be.


This last weekend was the most joyful weekend I’ve had in my life. Family and friends came together to watch me and my best friend get married. My love drunk joy was quickly squashed by the horrifically sad and sickening news that a fourteen year old autistic boy was stabbed to death by his own mother.  

Right now, I can’t keep my food down — this makes me so sick. And what’s more horrifying, is how Alex was treated before his mother so viciously murdered him. To imagine what it must have been like to stare into the eyes of the person who is supposed to love and protect him only to die at the hands of her? I can’t understand why or how anyone could do this. It’s just beyond my comprehension.

Then I find out she was part of thisAge of Autism organization. She was a ‘cure-bee’, bought into their ideas of what they think autism is, with their messages of misery and suffering — instead of the gift that Autism can be; how people like me, my son, and my friends need to be ‘cured’ of it.

Alex did not suffer from autism. He suffered from the ignorance of others around him. He suffered from people who wanted to ‘control’ him. He suffered from people who refused to even attempt to understand and accept him. He was abused and tortured and neglected. Then in the end, the person who was supposed to protect him, took his life and in a very horrific way.

I can’t even tell you how infuriated I am. There’s NO excuse. NONE. Do not feel sorry for his mom! She is slime and deserves to be locked up for LIFE!!

I might add more to this post later, but in light of the fact that while I was starting a new life with my husband, a 14 yr. old boy was being viciously murdered by his mother. I have no words to describe my feelings at this moment. I can really only say that this culture of misery concerning autism must end!

ImageLately, I’ve been going through a bit of system overload coupled with a bit of depression. Since this is considered, Autism “awareness” month (I prefer Acceptance, just to be clear), I have read so many beautiful writings by fellow autistic bloggers. I have also read and heard some awful things by people who do not understand autism, but they “think” that they do. I take all this is in, and I wonder, “what could I say to even remotely make a difference to any of this?” Put that together with being a parent to two boys, one with special needs and the other is just 11 months old. Also, trying to help friends who are going through some issues as best I know how and much more day to day things that can add to stress. My mind gets so cluttered with thoughts, and because I am so sensitive to what others feel, so sensitive in fact, that it can become painful. You see, I feel so much around me, I take it all in at once.  There is no filter for it. Therefore, becoming painful, especially when dealing with the negative. I get overwhelmed at times, and depressed because I can’t save the world from itself. Nor would I even know how to go about it. Anyway, enough about me.

Anyone who has even heard the word Autism, whether knowing what it is or not, has heard the word “epidemic” attached along with it. In fact, so many have heard this for so long, that they actually believe it to be an epidemic. So much so, that they try to find all sorts of things to blame for it, but the biggest thing is vaccines. Even though, time and again, it’s been proven otherwise. People want to “fix” their kids. They want to find a cause. They want a ‘cure’ to make their children ‘normal’.

This has gotten so bad, that people have decided against vaccinating their kids. And now, we’ve seen “real” epidemics of measles, meningitis, and pertussis (whooping cough) come back. Who knows what other diseases may follow suit. I know there will probably be anti-vaccine people to try to spread their junk science on the comments here. You guys might as well not bother, because I will not allow dangerous propaganda to be spewed on my blog.Image

So, what if I told you, Autism isn’t an epidemic? Would you believe me?  You see, I’ve gotten to know many autistic people, younger and older. I have spoken, read, and heard what they have to say. And being that I have done my research, and have found that I, myself, am autistic. I know that what the supposed “experts” say is an epidemic, is simply not true.

So, what is the “real” epidemic? I’ll tell you what the real epidemic is. It’s fear and misunderstanding of what it means to be autistic. It’s the fear of the unknown. It’s the fear of having your child perceived as different and not accepted by the rest of society, so much so that you want to “fix” them. This epidemic of fear is what needs to be cured, not Autism.

Get to know a few autistic people and you will learn to understand autism. And, guess what, you will also learn that it’s nothing to be afraid of.