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It’s been so long since I last posted. I’m so so sorry. 

In the past year, I got married, found out my mom’s cancer came back…did things I never imagined..i’ve lived life. REALLY lived…as most don’t. 

Let me explain, I was dedicating this whole blog to autism..and acceptance. Now i’m changing..alot. Being on the spectrum, does not mean to only be about that…there are so many others in our world..many who need us. We are not the only ones without a voice. so many have none..but anyway..i feel i need to tell you of my journey a bit but can’t tell much at the moment.

I got overwhelmed by the autism community itself..being autistic myself..i don’t like pressure…not at all. Once my wedding came, shit..that’s all i could do. Then Alex was killed. then more abuse..every damned day.

Ok so yes…we have obstacles..etc. I am sick of it. but, this post is not about that…

What if I told you there was a man..a mad man in a blue box? all he cared for was humanity, besides our faults? BESIDES  OUR FAULTS!!!!!!????

What also happened to me, getting back into watching Dr. Who…The selfless..he even gives his enemies a chance…reallly who the hell does that shit!!?


Above is my son as the 10th doctor.

That mad man doesn’t care where or who or what. He loves us. for every little bit of who we are. he fights for us..even dies..regenerates..but yes..he still dies. How many of us can say we’d do this?

Sad part is, he’s fictional..but how i wished he were my son does. Finally my son looks up to a real hero..he used to  like darth vader…now it’s “the Doctor”..I’m so happy.

BTW, my son…my autistic son is now an honor student…

and what Time Lord wouldn’t  love that!!!?

I sure am proud!

I have no clue what i’m getting at except we all need to be better at who we are..strive to be  so so much better..and that is what the Doctor has taught me…to just be better.

make the Doctor proud.

I want to be better than what and who I am…

I wish we all could just be matter our neurology.

Let’s all just be better…that’s all i ask.

My journey doesn’t end here..neither should yours…

trust me, I have so much to say but many times have a hard time saying any of it.