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I don’t have time to make this nice and tidy. i don’t have time to be polite and THINK of social skills. I am mad..pissed, and fucking hurt. yes hurt! Alright people who may not know, but Cracked decided to say I FAKE A DISEASE here.

First..assholes, I don’t FAKE a disease. Btw, assholes. It’s NOT a’s how my fucking brain my son’s brain we are!! My son is diagnosed, i’m not. but I see myself in him. Sorry, CRACKED, if my life makes sense now.

In your article you mention, others who are bipolar, etc. you really think we WANT to be cool..sorry, but lately if you didn’t see, being autistic or disabled can get you killed and quite literally. you fucking think that is a fucking joke? yes, people like me, like my son, killed for who they are. and your joke also hurts those who are as you would say, more effected by “the disease”.

Newsflash! autism is not a disease!! it’s not a tragedy and we don’t suffer from autism..we suffer from YOUR ignorance. Fuck you, Cracked..this is war..I can’t even be composed right now..maybe later I will be.


Silence is NOT Always Golden.

ImageA couple days ago it was made aware to me that some organization called The Six Degrees Project  proposed a couple hours of silence for autistic people, especially those who are limited in ‘traditional’ speech, so that they could ‘put themselves in an autistic’s shoes’.

I find this offensive. How does 2 hours of complete silence honor autistic people? Moments of silence are usually reserved for the dead. Autistic people are not dead in the least!! And another thing, if you haven’t bothered to get to know one, even one autistic person, you have no idea what it’s like in our shoes. Autism is not a disease or disorder, it’s a way of being. Yes, there are difficulties, but who in this life doesn’t have those? Shame on anyone who actually thought this was a good idea. Many of my fellow bloggers have made the same point, but I’m gonna make this short. DO NOT TRY TO PUT YOURSELF IN OUR SHOES, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TAKEN THE CHANCE TO KNOW US!! Thanks for listening to my rant. *hugs*

Image  Ok, What I want you all to do, is get rid of all the things you think you know about autism. Forget what Autism Speaks is saying. Forget what most media says. I want you to get rid of all your ideas of what you think about autistic people. 

Alright, now that we have that taken care of. I want you to go and actually get to know an autistic individual, or, better yet, get to know a few autistic individuals. Then you will see, you will see what autism REALLY is. You will see that each individual is their own person. YES, that’s right! We are people just like you, with emotions, and thoughts, and yes, we are much like you…WE ARE HUMAN! Did you get that? Autistic people are HUMAN BEINGS. Autistic people are capable of all the things you are. We are different, but isn’t everyone? Being like everyone else is overrated, I think. And I think that we all need to start realizing this. We share this planet together. I think it’s time that we accept each other for the beauty of each and everyone of us, autistic and non-autistic…disabled or abled.

So, next time you hear the “autism is a tragedy that needs curing”, maybe, you’ll say to that, “that’s bull, because I know so and so, and they are not a tragedy, and they are wonderful just as they are”…I think it’s time, we break the stereotypes, and  start seeing the individual. Just because you’ve met one autistic person doesn’t mean you’ve met them all.

Thank you. And I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

I wanted to post this again…because it is what we are.

Autistic People SHOULD BE LISTENED TO and given credit by Autism Speaks.

Autistic People should be included, NOT excluded!!

Freak Parent: too weird for the weird.

Take this Google Search engine!!

Autistic people are kind.

Autistic people are wonderful

Autistic people are intelligent

Autistic people are worthy of love

Autistic people are AWESOME!

Autistic people are talented

Autistic people are good parents

Autistic people are sensitive.

Autistic people are empathetic

Autistic people  are here and should be listened to!

Autistic people are my friends and I love them! ❤

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