ImageA couple days ago it was made aware to me that some organization called The Six Degrees Project  proposed a couple hours of silence for autistic people, especially those who are limited in ‘traditional’ speech, so that they could ‘put themselves in an autistic’s shoes’.

I find this offensive. How does 2 hours of complete silence honor autistic people? Moments of silence are usually reserved for the dead. Autistic people are not dead in the least!! And another thing, if you haven’t bothered to get to know one, even one autistic person, you have no idea what it’s like in our shoes. Autism is not a disease or disorder, it’s a way of being. Yes, there are difficulties, but who in this life doesn’t have those? Shame on anyone who actually thought this was a good idea. Many of my fellow bloggers have made the same point, but I’m gonna make this short. DO NOT TRY TO PUT YOURSELF IN OUR SHOES, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TAKEN THE CHANCE TO KNOW US!! Thanks for listening to my rant. *hugs*

  1. Just a mom says:

    The Six Degrees Project is headed by Carly Fleischman. She is a teenage girl living in Canada. She has autism. She is non-verbal and communicates with her I-Pad. This was her idea. You should look her up.

    • I know who she is. I would have thought she’d know that just being silent for a couple hours isn’t even close to being able to tell what it’s like to be autistic. There are people who can’t speak who aren’t autistic too. Thing is, just being silent for two hours doesn’t even come close to what it’s like. What about sensory issues? How are you gonna replicate the anxieties some autistics have? I don’t think she thought this through well enough. And I’m very surprised about that.

    • I will say, thanks to you, Just a Mom, and I think it was a ‘nice’ idea. Just not good enough. If you don’t know already, there is so much more to it than that.

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